Save Buxton Colposcopy Clinic

Colposcopy Clinics save lives - they specialise in tests to identify abnormal cells before cervical cancer develops - saving lives.

Women are often referred to the colposcopy clinic for a biopsy if cervical screening finds changes to cells.

Each year, cervical screening saves an estimated 5,000 lives - our mums, wives, partners, daughters, and friends shouldn't have to travel to Chesterfield to have potentially lifesaving tests.

Buxton’s colposcopy clinic is based at Buxton Hospital on London Road. It is the only local facility of its kind and has operated since 2015 in its current capacity.

With the closure of the Buxton colposcopy clinic, High Peak women will be asked to go to Royal Chesterfield Hospital instead, which is 26 miles away.

This follows on from my previous successful campaign to reinstate the breast cancer screening mobile unit to High Peak, after over 2,000 local people signed his petition, which I presented to Parliament.

Please support my petition calling for the local NHS to reinstate the Colposcopy Clinic at Buxton Hospital as soon as possible.



Save Buxton Colposcopy Clinic

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