397 new homeowners in High Peak

More than 397 families in the High Peak have been able to realise their dream of home ownership thanks to the government’s right to buy schemes, new figures out today show (4 March).

Robert Largan visits residents in King Sterndale

Yesterday I spent some time speaking to residents in the lovely little village of King Sterndale with Cllr Linda Grooby and Laszlo Gyongyosi. Thanks to all who took the time to speak to us.

Robert Largan canvassing across High Peak

Lots of political drama happening right now. In the meantime, my campaign team and I are quietly getting on with knocking on doors and listening to people across the High Peak.

Robert Largan visits Combs and Tunstead Milton

A lovely sunny afternoon knocking on doors in Combs and Tunstead Milton with Cllr Caroline Howe, Cllr John Kappes, Cllr Alison Fox and Eve Burton. And now for a drink at the Beehive!

A visit to Hope

This morning I was out knocking on doors in Hope with Cllr John Walton & Charles Lawley. Thanks to everyone who took the time to speak to us this morning. Lots of issues raised from bin collections, traffic calming and street lighting on Castleton Road.

Robert Largan out and about in Buxton

This afternoon I was out knocking on doors in Buxton with Cllr Linda Grooby & Laszlo Gyongyosi. Really appreciate everyone who took the time to chat to us.

Robert Largan visits Gamesley

A good evening knocking on doors in Gamesley with one of our excellent local council candidates, David Hartington. Lots of people very pleased to see us and plenty of local issues raised.