Robert Largan MP gets Boris to back Mottram Bypass

High Peak MP Robert Largan asked Boris Johnson during Prime Ministers Questions to back a major infrastructure package in response to the economic impact of the Coronavirus crisis. 

Johnson responded by committing the Government to building the Mottram bypass.

The Government was elected to level-up the country. In the Budget, the Chancellor announced £640 billion of public investment by 2024/25 to help achieve that goal. 

The local MP highlighted three key suggestions for an investment package:

•    Turbocharging the roll out of gigabit broadband
•    Upgrading the Hope Valley railway line between Manchester and Sheffield
•    Building the full Mottram bypass

Robert Largan MP asked the Prime Minister to stand by these commitments:

“Owing to Covid, we are facing a unique economic challenge. I urge the Prime Minister to respond with a major package of infrastructure investment to create jobs and level up the whole country, including turbo-charging the roll-out of gigabit broadband, upgrading the Manchester to Sheffield line and finally building the full Mottram bypass. The people of Glossop have been promised this by politicians for over 50 years. We will even let him call it the Boris bypass—lets please just get it built.”

The Prime Minister responded:

“Thank you so much. I can confirm briefly to my hon. Friend that we are indeed committed under the road investment strategy published last year to building a bypass around Mottram, and I look forward to being there to see it done.”

This question was the latest move by the High Peak MP to fight for the Mottram bypass. Before the Glossop resident was elected to Parliament, no High Peak MP has even mentioned the bypass in Parliament since May 2016.

Highways England have confirmed that construction is due to start on the bypass in Winter 21/22. 

The MP has a long running petition on the issue that can be signed at: 

Robert Largan MP commented:

“Since being elected, I’ve put the bypass back on the agenda down in Westminster. I am very pleased that the Prime Minister has publicly committed to building the bypass. I will keep fighting until we get the bypass built.

“I’m making the case for more investment in the High Peak, including rolling out high speed broadband to rural areas and upgrading our commuter rail services.”