Robert Largan MP's GP Appointment Survey

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Since May this year, have you contacted your GP to request an appointment?
When you booked your appointment, did you request a face-to-face appointment?
Was your request for a face-to-face appointment granted?
How long did you have to wait for your GP appointment?
Did you seek any other healthcare from any of the following either before or after your appointment?
Where 0 is very bad and 10 is very good
Where 0 is very difficult and 10 is very easy
What is your preferred GP appointment type?
Where 0 is not at all important and 10 is very important
Is your GP practice currently offering face-to-face appointments?
If your GP practice offered appointments at evenings and weekends, would that make it easier for you?
The Government has announced the introduction of a new ring-fenced Health & Social Care Levy to raise £12billion per year to help catch up with the NHS Covid Backlog and fix the social care system. Do you support this measure?