About Robert Largan

Robert lives locally in Glossop. He grew up in nearby Manchester, going to his local comprehensive. His first job was working as a fishmonger, to help pay for his tuition at Manchester University. He then studied at night school, while working full time, and went on to become a Chartered Accountant with a successful career in finance. Before being elected as the Member of Parliament, Robert worked in Manchester and commuted in by train. 

In his spare time, Robert is a keen fell walker and can often be found in his local pub in Glossop watching football.

Robert was elected as the Member of Parliament for the High Peak at the General Election on Thursday 12 December 2019.

Following his election, Robert said:

"Thank you to the people of High Peak for electing me!

"I am very aware that this result was incredibly close and that many people only lent me their vote to get Brexit done or to stop Jeremy Corbyn. I've lost count of the number of people who told me I was the first Conservative they have ever voted for and I am determined to work round the clock to repay the trust people have put in me.

"Whoever you voted for yesterday, I promise I will work hard to represent you all. Throughout the campaign, I repeatedly said I am an independent-minded moderate and that's the approach I will take to being your local MP, always putting the High Peak ahead of party politics.

"Nationally, this election result could not be clearer. People have voted to honour the 2016 referendum result and to reject Jeremy Corbyn. After these last few years of uncertainty and division, we will now have a functional majority Conservative Government that finally start to get stuff done and focus on the big issues that really matter.

"There is no hiding the fact that the last few years in politics have been deeply divisive. We all need to work hard to re-unite the country and bring people together again.

"I cannot wait to get started!"